IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor
IntelliPlexTM 1000 πCode Processor is combination of PlexBioTM Wash Station and PlexBioTM Thermo Shaker.  It minimizes user handling time. After adding samples and reagents, user can simply load the plate into the system, selecting corresponding assay modes, and then wait for whole processes completed in about 1 to 2 hours depending on different assays. Then the plate is ready for analyzing by PlexBioTM 100 Analyzer.
Features Include: 
• Easy to use: User-friendly interface with imbedded processing modes for PlexBio assays.
• Combines aspiration, buffer dispensing, shaking, automatic rinsing, heating, and
• Incoporates a magnetic plate for minimizing MicroDiscs loss during washing
• Designed for both molecular and immunoassays
• Includes a 7-inch industrial touch panel

System Specifications:

Order Information

Category Product Name Cat. No.
Instrumentation IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor 80033


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